Located in the Estarreja Business Park consolidated area, these offices are the ideal solution for start-up companies and liberal professionals, branch offices of medium and large-sized companies already established on the domestic or foreign market.

Various kinds of work environments ranging from 12 to 60sqm, private or shared, equipped according to costumers needs, adaptable to constantly changing business, growing or reducing the space.
Office Condominiums
from 12 to 60sqm
Warehouses that features a ceiling of 8 meters height and complete infrastructures. Built according to regulations.
Whit highly functional architecture, allowing heavy vehicles to load and unload, ideal for industrial, logistical and commercial activities.
Multipurpose Pavilions
from 100 to 4.000sqm
Industrial Land
The Estarreja Business Park has large uncovered areas to host any kind of industrial and logistic activities.
Industrial Land
starting at 1000sqm