Baía do Tejo takes on the new name of Arco Ribeirinho Sul, S.A.

In compliance with the council of ministers resolution no. 41/2023, the company name of Baía do Tejo, S. A. was changed to Arco Ribeirinho Sul, S. A.

Arco Ribeirinho Sul, S. A., with a share capital of €147,944,705.00, will be fully owned by ESTAMO, Participações Imobiliárias, S. A.

The council of ministers resolution recognizes the strategic importance of these territories on the left bank of Rio Tejo and plans to implement urban requalification and land enhancement operations, as an instrument of urban rehabilitation and economic consolidation and modernization of the areas defined within the scope of the Arco Ribeirinho Sul Project.

The main purpose will be to make these territories available to companies, through their integrated development, starting with the environmental rehabilitation of the soils that will allow, in the near future, their valorization and requalification.